The Arrangement

Candace Williams has had a tough life. Her father left when she was sixteen. She doesn’t trust men, doesn’t want to depend on one and she sure doesn’t want to get involved with one. After inheriting a resort, she sells everything she owns, packs her bags and heads off to her new life. She can’t go back. This is her time to make it or give up her career in hospitality.

Cooper Flannigan is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. Son of hotel mogul Stewart Flannigan, many women want to get their claws into his bank account. His parent’s relationship has been cold all his life so he wants no part of a serious relationship. Can he overcome living in the shadow of his overbearing father and make a go of it on his own?

Fate puts Cooper and Candace together when an old family friend leaves them a resort to run together. Candace sees this as her chance for a new beginning. Cooper’s father sees it as another acquisition in his own empire. When the final stipulation of the inheritance is revealed, both are shocked beyond belief. Can they overcome all their insecurities and make this work? Will they give into the attraction they both feel and finally allow love into their lives?

Or will Candace run back to her old, broken life and try to put the pieces back together?

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Be Blessed!