This page is a documentation of the times I’ve been thrown into FB jail.


















The most recent happened today-August 8, 2021. I just got out of jail yesterday for the previous offense. They are apparently going through all of our old posts and comments. After all, we must be silenced! Right?

So, I just went to FB to check my comments and stuff and got hit with another one—–from almost a year ago! They must be trying to force people to leave if they are going back that far. Sheesh!
























This was from weeks ago. I was praising the French for fighting for their rights. FB considers it hate speech. Now, I did say that the French have always been deemed as pussies. I did not call them pussies. I stated a public opinion. There’s been a running joke for over 80 years about them running from The Battle of Dunkirk in WWII in 1940. That’s not my opinion nor is it hate speech.














The post I made before that, and was also several weeks ago, stated that I would basically defend myself in my own home. But that’s against their Community Standards, too. I’m inciting violence. Defending yourself in your own home is not inciting violence—-it’s simply a factual statement of what will happen if someone tries to enter my home without being invited in.
























And the first time I got put in FB jail was for comparing the covid pandemic to an actual REAL pandemic.




















I don’t know if you can add images to the comment section, and I’m not sure how to allow it if you can’t— but if you can, feel free to share your FB jail time.

Bookmark this page so you can check on it from time to time. I’m pretty sure I will get put in FB jail many more times. LOL

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