What size templates do you offer?

I currently work with 8.5×11. That’s the size of standard computer paper, so it’s perfect for printing my binder products. It’s also perfect for adding products to Lulu to create spiral notebooks. (Why yes, I do love spiral notebooks.)

At some point I will offer a variety of sizes, but at this current time I am keeping things as simple (and easy to manage) as possible. I am a (blessed) mess, remember?

Why do you offer Developer/Resell Rights on your templates?

Because I know how hard it is to start to your own online store and getting some products ready to go so you can “open the doors.” I also know many people are strapped for time and still have a job outside the home while trying to build up their online store. It’s just my way of (hopefully) getting you off the ground a little quicker and saving you some time.

Note: I do recommend you tweak the templates to fit your style, but you are welcome to run with them as is.

What types of templates do you offer?

I offer PowerPoint templates that you can edit, resize, and export into PDF files for printing or setting up on POD sites.

Some of my packages are labeled as Binders. These are perfect for printing from your computer and putting into a 3-ring binder to create your own organized journals and planners.

Some of my packages are labeled as Planners. These are for planning events, of course and they are also perfect for 3-ring binders.

Some are my packages are labeled as Journals. These are often basic lined pages with a variety of element designs included. They are also great for 3-ring binders.

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