So, my friend Lois got me into Assassin’s Creed. Here’s a list of the games I have…and maybe my opinion on them.

2. Ezio. I bought the Ezio Collection which contains the first game played as Ezio and the next two of the same character (Brotherhood and Revelations.) The first AC game is not available on Playstation 4, so I may never have it or play it.

Brotherhood – I haven’t tried this one at this time. (esrly 2021)

Revelations – I haven’t tried this one at this time. (early 2021)

3. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s based during the American Revolution.

4: Black Flag – This one is focused on pirate Edward Kenway. I have been liking it but I am stuck in one of the memories and I just can’t get past it. Urgh!

Freedom Cry – I think this is a spin-off of Black Flag and you play as Kenway’s first mate, Adewae….or something like that.

Rogue – This one is during the Seven Years War and features Shay, who actually becomes a Templar instead of an Assassin…if I’m mot mistaken.

Unity – This one takes place during the French Revolution.

Syndicate – Based in London during the Industrial Revolution. You can play through as either Evie Frye or her brother, Jacob Frye. I’m really liking this one.

Origins – This one takes place in Ancient Egypt about 30 years BC. It’s been a little difficult getting used to, but I am enjoying it a little bit.

Odyssey – All I know about this one is it’s played through as Greeks and Spartans. Should be interesting, eh?

Valhalla – This one will be played as a Viking. How cool. The game trailer reminded me of The Elder Scrolls games. I’ve played Morrowind and currently into Skyrim, from that franchise.

So, that’s about the jist of my gaming. I do play Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot and Nickolodeon Kart Racers – Go Spongebob.

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