• *120 pages *PowerPoint Template *Ready to Print PDF *Image pack
  • *PowerPoint Template *Ready to Print PDF *Cover Graphics *Image Pack
  • 10 pack of articles. Includes these titles: *Be happy about your life every day *Building your self esteem will improve your mindset *Choose your thoughts like you choose your words *Communication and changing your mindset *Do you fall into this trap? *Figuring out what you want *Growth Mindset How Tos *How to change your mindset *Staying positive can improve mindset *What does planning have to do with improving your mindset?
  • PLR Report on Determining Mindset and 5-part autoresponder email series: Report: Determine Mindset *Fixed or Growth Mindset *Are You Willing? *What About Challenges? *Developing a Better Mindset *Determining Which Type of Mindset You Have
  • This pack was designed at as Front End Product in a sales funnel. Content includes: *10 Mindset images *10 Mindset social graphics *Awesome checklist *Better Mindset Q&A *Develop a Better Mindset Report *Impact of negative mindset slideshow *Success Mindset Guide/Workbook *Ten Tips to Terrific Thinking
  • Designed as upsell in product funnel. This pack of content contains these items: *10 PLR Articles *Blog starter topics/tweets *Determine Mindset Report & AR series *Mindset Research Resource Sheet *Mindset Social Graphics *Mindset Topic Suggestions *Personal Development Book List *Personal Responsibility Report & AR Series
  • Created as part of a sales funnel. This booster pack contains the following products: *Mindset Checklist *Mindset Social Engagement Blurbs *Mindset Worksheet
  • Create a journal or binder with this template pack *Journal training pdf *Mindset Journal Pages PowerPoint Slides


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