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ARE YOU A (blessed) MESS, TOO?

Honestly, we’re all a hot mess in one way or another. Sometimes we’re more of a hot mess than at other times. Lord knows I have my moments and sometimes those moments last a lot longer than I’d like.

But, we’re also all a work in progress. The key is to keep working forward. I’ve gone through times I didn’t work on myself or make progress and that leads to a downward spiral. When you realize you’ve gone that far down, you just start picking up the pieces and start again.

So, I AM a mess. I’M NOT AN EXPERT, I don’t have it all together, I’m not perfectly organized (although my husband is…mostly) and I struggle daily to keep a good mood. I have to use affirmations or journaling every. single. day. Otherwise, it just all falls apart. You know what I’m talking about, right? 😉

My man tagline: Life is Messy. Write That Shit Down!
My morning tagline: Get Your Shit Together!
My evening tagline: Get The Funk Out!

You’ll find a variety of journals, planners, printables and hopefully some useful articles to inspire and encourage you.

I’m a imperfect Christian, Musician’s Wife, Mom, Nana, Friend and Encourager. I work on this site for my own growth and benefit, probably more so than I do for others, but I pray that what I’m learning and sharing will help others in their personal development and journaling adventures.

PLR – I used to run Sassy PLR. Some of the content you purchase may still be branded as Sassy PLR, although I hope to get it all rebranded simply as PLR by Patti. I walked away from that to pursue fiction full-time.

PRINTABLES – I also have some personal use printables you can purchase and download. Several friends have gone into the journal and printables PLR business. I purchase their content, brand it as my own and then sell it for personal use printables. If you want to get into your own printables business you can purchase these products directly from my sources. See my Resources page for links.




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