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Story Brainstorming Kit

Do you do most of your story planning on post-it notes or other scraps of paper? And then, when you need that idea or want to flesh it out, you can’t find all those little sheets you wrote on?

I know how that feels. I’m a Post-It Note queen, myself.

Yes, this is a pile of my “notes” that I keep crammed in a spiral notebook–because I’m too lazy to go through and organize them. But that’s a story for another day. 😉

Now, when it comes to story planning, this is not how you want to do it and I’ve designed a better method. You need sheets of paper that you can store in a binder. You need to be more organized.

That’s why I created these brainstorming sheets. I can print out the ones I need, sit down and just let my brain explode with ideas. Once that’s done, I can go through them and pick out the best ideas for the story I want to write.

As you can see, these sheets are more manageable and you can put them into a binder: (Note they are stacked to fit in the image better.)

If this sounds like something you need, be sure to check out my Story Brainstorming Kit.

It includes 25 printable sheets. You can use them over and over, print out as many or a few as you need.

Just look at the list of pages you get:

  1. Story Idea Brainstorming Sheet
  2. Character Brainstorming Sheets (Main, Secondary and Minor)
  3. Character Traits Brainstorming Sheet
  4. Character Arc Brainstorming Sheet
  5. Character Journal Sheet
  6. Romance Characters Brainstorming Sheet
  7. Premise Brainstorming Sheet
  8. Locations Brainstorming Sheet
  9. Settings Brainstorming Sheet
  10. Major Story Elements Brainstorming Sheet
  11. Plot Twists Brainstorming Sheet
  12. 3 Act Structure Brainstorming Sheet
  13. Blurb Brainstorming Sheet
  14. Criticial Moments Brainstorming Sheets (multiple sheets for these)
  15. Mystery and Suspense Brainstorming Sheets (Suspects, Clues, Alibis, Red Herrings)

That’s a lot of stuff! They can help you save time (from looking for all those Post-It Notes you have crammed in a notebook somewhere, and you’ll have fun with your brainstorming!

You can purchase them at The Story Brainstorming Kit.

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