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Just Do Your Job

This is more of a personal post, but hopefully by sharing my thoughts/feelings, it will help you if you’re struggling with the whole entrepreneur mindset.

Being an entrepreneur is, or can be, a great feeling. You’re the boss, you set your own hours, you get to decide everything. But, that can also be intimidating, overwhelming and sound like a daunting task. Right? Well, it does for me. You see, as a VA (virtual assistant) I’m used to being behind the scenes. I do most of my work for someone else, put their products together, setup their product in a shopping cart–all the time-consuming tasks of running a business.

The thing is, when you become the entrepreneur and the one out front, the tasks aren’t all that different. At least not in the beginning. You still have to do all of the backend stuff until you can afford to hire your own VA. If you’re like me, you will work three times as hard for someone else as you do for yourself. A lot of people call that an employee mentality and if you have that, according to them you need to stick to being an employee–not an entrepreneur.

I tend to disagree.

The mindset of being an entrepreneur often brings about visions of sitting by the pool, sipping fruity drinks, and having all the time in the world. I’m not saying they don’t work hard, but the mental image is always of the slack time and not the crunch time. I like the slack time, but it often leads me to thinking I have plenty of time to get things done–I mean, myself as a boss can be a real pushover and isn’t really a slave driver–if you know what I mean.

Since I’m the boss, I should be out by the pool sipping drinks. I do love that mental image, don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately, that image keeps me spinning my wheels. I have to think like an employee to get my work done. I have to pretend that I DO have a boss, other than myself.

Whatever venture you’re working towards in an online business; affiliate marketing, selling products, producing content—it may help if you continue to think of your tasks as a job. It’s hard to transition from employee mentality to entrepreneur mentality if you’ve never worked for yourself before. However, it may be a good business decision to keep some of that employee thinking and just do your job—instead of dreaming about all those fruity drinks.

That’s how I get things done. How about you? Do you have to keep some of that employee mentality to focus on those menial tasks and get things done? I’d love to hear about your work day process. Share in the comments below.

All the best,

2 thoughts on “Just Do Your Job

  1. Absolutely, Patti. Whether you’re the employer or the employed, you’re still serving someone in order to generate revenue. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re still beholden to the customers or clients in order to get paid. One way or another, you’ve got to get stuff done. When you can afford to have people do it for you, that’s great. Even then, you have to ensure something’s getting done. Having a servant’s heart and a taskmaster’s mind are definitely the key to success and continued opportunity.

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