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Have you attempted to start dieting numerous times only to never be successful? Or maybe you’ve wanted to try that new hobby and you just can’t seem to convince yourself to get off the couch to do so. Even though you think it may be the hobby or the diet which is too difficult, the real problem in either of these situations is your mindset. And this is because your thoughts determine your actions in life. And trust me, I still have to work on my thoughts, especially when it comes to getting off my butt and doing something. I love listening to the Dana Wild Mind Aware Show.

The Neural Pathways Of Your Brain

neural pathways diagramIf you have a coffee habit, you may find that you are able to prepare your coffee every morning without a second thought. This is because, the way the brain works, a specific neural pathway has been designated to the habit of making your coffee.

But you didn’t drink coffee as a small child, so how did that pathway get there? It came about because you thought about the process of making your coffee so many times that now the brain just does it automatically without thinking. So, your thoughts of the past have solidified your present and future actions.

This is why, when you want to change a habit, it can be very difficult because you may just start doing the old habit because well, it’s easier for your brain since the neural pathway is already there. According to Dr. Celeste Campbell, although it may seem difficult, it is always possible to form new neural pathways. This means no matter how hard it may seem to stop a habit, it is possible—no matter how old you are.

Happiness Gives You Energy

Think about the last time you felt sad. What did you feel like doing? Probably sitting on the couch and watching TV. This is because sad or negative thoughts take up energy which could be used elsewhere in your life.

Now think about a time you were happy and what you felt like doing. You probably felt like taking a walk or getting some chores done. This is happy thoughts make you feel betterbecause happy thoughts help you feel physically lighter and more positive.

So, if you are really struggling with motivation to get things done, this means you probably need to start with changing your thoughts. Because if you are sad and try to form a new habit or action, you simply won’t have the motivation to do so, and this will lead you to quit before you even begin.

Changing Your Thoughts To Change Your Actions

Of course, the first step to changing your actions is deciding that you will change your thoughts. This isn’t an easy feat, but you can get started by watching the type of things you focus on and put into your mind. Sometimes even just small changes, like watching something more positive on TV can do wonders to change your thought process. Or stop watching TV altogether and watch more TEDTalks on YouTube.

You brain is like a sponge and soaks up what it is around, so if your actions are suffering because of your negative mindset, then it’s time to work to surround yourself with positivity. You can also interject positive thoughts into your mind. If you ever find yourself thinking that you can’t do something, stop that thought in its tracks and remind yourself than you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Start a morning journaling routine so YOU can choose what thoughts you want to put in your head. Daily affirmations are also a great idea.


If you don’t like the way you act in life, despise particular habits of yours, or just plain want to make a change, you must first start by changing your thoughts. Everything begins with a thought! Your thoughts are directly connected to your actions through neurons, and your energy levels and activities can suffer as a result.

Journaling through this aspect of your life is a great way to start making changes. Start each morning writing about an action in your life that you want to change. Brainstorm and write out ways you can change it.

So, change your thoughts in order to make a massive change in your life today.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I love hearing from you.

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