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Do you give much thought to the thoughts you have?

Jeffrey S. Nevid Ph.D., ABPP a New York based Psychotherapist believes that our feelings are directly connected to our thoughts. He illustrates this by pointing out that if we try to be angry without a reason to be so we cannot successfully recreate this emotion.

We need our thoughts to direct how we feel which essentially means that when we control our thoughts, we can influence our emotions. (

When it comes to how we feel about ourselves these thoughts are very important in dictating our attitudes. If we tend to a particular mindset with respect to ourselves then we essentially dictate our emotions. Controlling our thoughts can therefore have positive effects on how we feel about ourselves and potentially the quality of our lives.

Happy Thoughts

The Happiness Center suggests that there are a number of factors that contribute to a person’s happiness. These include success in life, achieving goals and of course having happy thoughts. They also believe that much of happiness is directly influenced by ourselves so this sometimes elusive positive emotion is very much in our own grasp. (

Many people believe happiness is reaching a goal but in actual fact we adapt quickly to new things meaning the initial elation is short lived. When we base our happiness on our achievements, we will be constantly chasing joy. If, however, we choose to think in a happy manner and appreciate all we have then we maintain this positive emotion.

Sad Thoughts

In life there is sadness, we will all encounter it from time to time and as we do, we collect memories. It is often easier for us to think about these moments of sadness than it is to remember our happier times. Dwelling on our sadder thoughts quite unsurprisingly brings our mood down and makes us feel emotionally sad.

If our sad thoughts revolve around things, we may have done wrong or failed at in life then we can often find ourselves feeling low towards ourselves. Spending too much time on these sad thoughts can be emotionally crippling leaving us tired and unmotivated.

Confident Thoughts

Robert Puff Ph.D. believes our thoughts exert a great deal of power over how we feel. This is because we interpret the things in our lives as either positive or negative, ourselves included. As a result, if we view ourselves critically, we often find ourselves feeling unconfident.

n the other hand, we can feel confident if we choose to think about our strengths, achievements and what we may be capable of. (

Confidence gets you a long way in life. It can attract people to you and make you take chances which can yield tremendous results. When we take time to assess the positives about ourselves instead of our negatives and failures, we can change our outlook. In order to feel confident, we must first think confident thoughts.

Motivating Thoughts

Our motivation is very much connected to the way we think. If we believe that we cannot do something all too often we end up not trying to do it. However, if we think we can do something and keep telling ourselves that we can then we are at least willing to try.

Sometimes we are right, and we can do what we think, other times we may fail. But if we meet that failure with thoughts of pride at trying and of being willing to try again then we continue with the motivation.

Final Thought

Our thoughts will lead us to our emotions and although how we feel is hard to control, our thoughts are far easier to maintain. Choose what you think about something and try to make it positive. Use journaling and morning routines to get your thoughts in order each day.

All the best,

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