As you are preparing to complete your business plan that will enable you to build a thriving business and live a joyful life that doesn’t suck, it’s important to realize how fortunate you are right now. The best way to do that is to start journaling. There are numerous ways to journal. Try a few of these ideas to determine which one delivers the most advantages to you. Be sure to check out my post on creating your own 3-ring binder, too.

* Try a Bullet Journal – You can make your bullet journal, or you can buy one, but basically, all you do is once or twice a day get it out and write three things you are thankful for about that day or about life in general.

* Use Your Calendar – One way to keep track of what you’re grateful for is to use your daily calendar that you put your schedule in. Write words for each morning and each evening that come to mind that are positive and express your gratitude.

* Daydream – Spend time daydreaming about whatever it is that is filling you with joy. This is the best way to get that happy feeling throughout the day anytime you want. If you feel stressed out, just put your mind right on the thing that makes you most happy for five minutes, and it will make all the difference.

* Voice Your Gratitude Too – You can start recording your gratitude instead of writing it. You can do this using audio, or you can even make a video YouTube style. You don’t have to share it, but it’s great for reviewing when you’re not feeling so thankful.

* Get The Five Year Journal – [] This five-year record is an amazing way to keep track of what you’re grateful for because you’ll have five years’ worth of good things to look back on when you’re done. You’ll simply be writing small amounts each day, and after five years, you’ll have a solid record and reminders of things that brought you happiness.

* The Five-Minute Journal – [] This one will take you, as it says, only five minutes a day. The format helps make it simple, and you can keep it on your bedside table so that you can quickly make your entries every night or every morning.

* Gratitude Journal – [] This journal covers 31 days of gratitude for business and life. There are scripture readings, transformational affirmations, and more in this journal. If you’re on the spiritual side, you’ll get a lot out of it.

* Be Grateful and Color – [] This is a fun coloring book and has incredible activities to help you reduce your stress. Sometimes you don’t want to write about anything. You just want to focus on gratitude and color.

If you will use journaling to help build happiness, remember to be honest, truthful, and thoughtful as you do it. Give thought to the words you use. Think about how you feel when you do these joyful things and really feel grateful for the things in your life.


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