Big Goals Can Lead to Big Stress

Do you ever set BIG goals, only to feel completely stressed out because you can’t reach them fast enough? That’s how I feel. Big goals are great! Don’t get me wrong, but there’s often a lot of smaller goals that need to be reached before the big goal can happen. So, what do you do? Break them down into manageable goals. Let’s say you wanted to run for president. That’s a huge goal. You can’t Read More

Of Course You Can Make $5K a Day Without Working

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to do it. And if you’re here hoping to learn how to do that, you’re in the wrong place. Sorry! However, if you want to know three things I have learned, keep reading. đŸ˜‰ My methods are about building a community and sharing information with that community to help them in some way; whether they learn some tips on increasing their income, or I simply inspire them and make Read More

PLR Tips: Use it as a Springboard

PLR is a springboard. Yes, you can use the content as-is, if it’s well written, but it should be used more as a springboard. It’s actually kind of hard to read a PLR article you’ve purchased and not want to add your own thoughts into it. You’ll also want to remove things that don’t fit your personality. When you use PLR content as a springboard, your brain goes to work on new ideas or how Read More

How to Rewrite PLR in Seven Easy Steps

Uh! Is your hard drive full of PLR content that you can’t seem to do anything with? Do you get frustrated because using PLR was supposed to be easy, but you’re getting little to no results from it? Or maybe you just haven’t figured out how to actually rewrite the stuff to make it your own. It just seems too daunting to deal with. Have no fear! In my guide, How to Rewrite PLR in Read More

PLR Workshop: Kickstarting Your Business Coaching Program

You want to help people, right? Have you always been interested in helping people start their own business online? But maybe you’re afraid it’s too hard or you’re not sure how to help them? Are you looking for a simple program that guides them through their first steps? This not only caters to your desire to teach, but also helps your clients learn from you. It’s a win/win. Business Coach Kelly McCausey has created  this Read More

Got The List Setup

Well, it’s been a busy week. I’ve gotten the giveaways ready to go for this site, the ethical bribe as some people call it. And, I’ve had one signup–about five minutes after I got it all setup and posted at Facebook. Yay! I’ve also been working on content for the Residual Membership site. Now that this site has a good start, I can focus a little more on it and get it up and running. Read More

And So, It Begins

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and done much affiliate marketing, but I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the people (marketers) and I’ve missed helping people (an audience). I still have a ton of things to add and pages to get set up. It’ll take time. But, I do have some cheatsheets you can grab. I was going to sell these as PLR, buuuut, I decided I didn’t want to run another PLR store. Read More