Big Goals Can Lead to Big Stress

Do you ever set BIG goals, only to feel completely stressed out because you can’t reach them fast enough? That’s how I feel. Big goals are great! Don’t get me wrong, but there’s often a lot of smaller goals that need to be reached before the big goal can happen. So, what do you do? Break them down into manageable goals. Let’s say you wanted to run for president. That’s a huge goal. You can’t Read More

PLR Workshop: Kickstarting Your Business Coaching Program

You want to help people, right? Have you always been interested in helping people start their own business online? But maybe you’re afraid it’s too hard or you’re not sure how to help them? Are you looking for a simple program that guides them through their first steps? This not only caters to your desire to teach, but also helps your clients learn from you. It’s a win/win. Business Coach Kelly McCausey has created  this Read More