About Me




You can read about my current progress here. I will update that page on a monthly basis, sometimes weekly.

I love reading and writing between cozy mystery and romantic suspense. However, one of my all-time favorite books is still Charlotte’s Web.

I’ve been writing fiction on and off for many years, but in 2015 I finally took the plunge and decided to pursue it full time. Getting published and building my own self-publishing business is a long (and hard) task, but it’s one I look forward to for many years.

Personal Life:

In my personal life I’m a Mom, a Nana, Writer and a Musician’s wife. I love all four roles.

Here’s some pics to show you my life:

See, we’re pretty normal—whatever normal is. And I may not brag on myself much, I will brag about that adorable little grandson and my awesome girls. 😉

Although, it may be hard to distinguish us from the kids, so here’s a ‘recent’ pic of me and the hubby:


Writer’s Life:

I’ll show you parts of my writer’s life in photos too.

 Odd Tidbits:

I have a very eclectic range of music I listen to. First off though, I REFUSE to listen to that Rap crap or that new Pop music crap. But my tastes vary from Willie Nelson to Iron Maiden. In between that is Rod Stewart, Journey, Alice Cooper, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Celtic and much more.

I’ve rescued baby opossums and baby buzzards and raised them. When I lived in the country, I was often scolded for bringing home every stray animal I ran across.

Cats. I love cats—little cats, big cats. Felines are awesome!

I love crows and wolves. I’m pretty sure that comes from my Native American heritage.

I love British, Scottish, Irish, German—basically European stuff. What stuff? I don’t know, just all the stuff about their cultures, etc.

I have a Batman mask. Why? Because Batman is the coolest super hero—or maybe it’s because I love men in black spandex-type clothing. 😉

I’m super, highly opinionated, but I generally keep it to myself. Why? Because I figure if you can get through life without pissing off too many people–Go For It!

However, when challenged, I will stand toe to toe with you on my beliefs, thoughts or feelings—If I feel the need to do so. If not, I’ll just go find my quiet corner and do some writing. 😉


My inspiration to be a writer happened in childhood. I don’t remember the exact movie or why it happened, but it was this man…Vincent Price!


I love creepy, haunted-looking things, as you can see below:

If I haven’t scared you away by this point, you may be as creepy cool as I am. Feel free to sign up for my mailing list or follow me on social media sites. You can find all of that stuff in the sidebar==>

Happy Writing!