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Are you wanting to start a new niche blog, but have no idea how to start, where to start or where you’ll get all of the content from? Or maybe you’ve already heard about this PLR stuff, but you aren’t quite sure how to use it. Well, if you’re completely new to PLR, there’s a post on my other blog that gives you a simplified explanation of PLR content. (The link opens in a new window, so no worries about losing your spot here.)

Before I get into the topic of creating a niche site with PLR, I guess I should tell you who I am, in case you’ve just discovered me. I’ve been online, for over ten years? No, it’s closer to fifteen by now. I’ve been a paid blogger (and still have a lot of articles at one of the top blogging sites online). I’ve been a freelance and ghostwriter, I’ve been a PLR creator and seller…and all the stuff that goes with that. I’ve worked behind the scenes in a lot of things. I’m still a VA (virtual assistant) for a well-known PLR seller and help her with all of her content, courses, etc.

I’m also a fiction writer. You can find my fiction work at KP Stafford. I mostly write romantic suspense, but do dabble in a bit of romance and cozy mystery from time to time.

I have created niche sites in the past, but none of them really fit me. I’d start them on a whim, you know, whatever new thing I thought was exciting at the time. I’ve been wanting another niche blog for some time now. But, is there anything that I seriously love enough to call it my life’s work (other than fiction?) I mean, I love internet marketing and writing, I love fiction writing…but let’s face it, I don’t want to write about that stuff ALL the time. I love Lynn Terry and have followed her for years. I love how she’s grown into her niche and just rocked herself, her brand and actually living her niche. That’s super cool for her and for others who can eat, breathe, sleep and live their niche–but it’s really not me. I like several things, but none that I want to focus on full time.

Recently, Tiffany Lambert talked about a new pack of PLR that she was releasing and all sorts of ideas just started flooding me. This is a niche I can dig. It’s a niche I can live if I want to or when I want to, or I can just post informational content and let it do its thing.


Oh, you want to know about the site, don’t you? Okay, it’s The Coffee Bean Pod. I love coffee and I can promote coffee when I’m in the mood or when I’m not in the mood. People love coffee.

Anyway, I’ll be creating most of it with PLR content. I’ll try to share results and stuff like that from time to time.

All the best,


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