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Use Your Strengths for Online Income

You hear that advice, a lot–use your strengths. Have you taken it to heart yet? Your strengths and what you’re good at may not be your dream job. But, if you want to make money online, you need to do what you’re good at. In your spare time, you can work on building a sustainable business that you love.

However, it’s often better to just build a sustainable business where you can use your strengths and help other people. Sometimes I think chasing a dream job or a dream business can leave us feeling defeated when it doesn’t happen the way we envisioned. And I’m not saying give up on your dreams, but you gotta do something to make money while you’re building that dream. That’s a fact we may not want to face.

A huge mistake I made was giving up money streams to go chase my dream of being a fiction writer. And honestly, it’s left me feeling numb about fiction. I’m sure my passion will come back, but in the mean time, I want to build online income streams that pay the bills. I want to grow an audience and help other people go for their goals of making money online—however that may be for them, whether it’s affiliate marketing, being a content writer, creating products.

Writing content every month may not be the most fun way to earn money, but if it earns money it beats the hell out of flipping burgers, right? If you want to earn money from writing, it’s very doable.

Think about what your strengths are and figure out a way to use them in the online world. People pay for services all the time; audio, video, photography, coaching…the list is endless.

What are your strengths? Have you found a way to use them to earn an online income?

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