Feelings & Emotions: Which is What?

The other day I was listening to something. Most likely it was Rick Warren, but no clue which of his series it was. Anyway, whoever it was stated that there’s only TWO emotions; Love & Fear.

I thought about that and it makes total sense. You FEEL from whichever EMOTION you’re in at any given moment.


Being angry is not an emotion. It’s a feeling. It stems from being in the emotion of fear.

Being thankful is not an emotion. It’s a feeling. It stems from being in the emotion of love.

Basically, all good feelings come from the emotion of love, while all bad feelings come from the emotion of fear.

If you’re a Christian, you need to remember that God did not give you a spirit of fear, but one of power, of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

If you’re feeling anything that doesn’t stem from the emotion of love—it’s coming from the emotion of fear. Satan is the author of fear. He wants you afraid, unhappy, angry, depressed–whatever bad feeling he can use against you to keep you out of the emotion of love and the feelings of charity, gratitude, happiness, contentment, etc.

If you look around at society today, it’s easy to be angry about it. It’s easy to be pissed off because the world isn’t going your way or the way you want it to. But we have to remember that all of creation belongs to God. It’s going the way He has allowed it to go and no matter what happens on this earth, He is still in control.

All too often we look at people and their behavior and more often than not these days it disgusts us. Maybe it’s so bad that we don’t even want to stop and pray for some of those people. It’d be easier if they’d just go away or get hit by a bus. But what you need to realize is that it’s more than a person involved. You don’t want to hear about evil spirits and demons, but that’s exactly what has led to the chaos in our world. The devil, Satan–whatever way you want to address him is brainwashing, manipulating, and blinding people. He’s keeping your eyes focused on the world, the problems of the world and your feelings of anger (and maybe even hatred).

Unfortunately, that means he’s keeping your focus and your attention on himself instead of where it should be focused—where it matters most—on Christ.

I challenge you to “check” your feelings on a regular basis to determine which emotional state you’re really in. If you’re in the emotion of fear, you need to deal with it. You need to be awake and realize that those feelings are coming from the pit of Hell and not from the Heavenly throne.

Pray Up & Keep Pushing Forward!


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