Meet Kevin & Patti Stafford

Kevin Stafford – The Serious One

branson bassistKevin is a multi-instrument musician. He’s currently “working” in Branson, Missouri. He is the bass player for the Sons of Britches. They perform an all-request show at the Little Opry Theater in the IMAX Entertainment Complex.
You name it, they play it!

He’s been playing music professionally for 40 years and has performed in a diverse range of genres. His experience includes; original and cover bands, recording studio, orchestra, renaissance festivals, community theater, madrigal feasts, weddings, funerals and praise & worship.

He also teaches guitar, bass guitar, drums, recorder and saxophone privately and in classroom format. And he can play mandolin, mandola, bouzouki and recently started playing cello. Feel free to visit his site.

Patti Stafford – The Silly One

I create research content at Freelance Writer’s Research.

I write romantic suspense under the pen name, KP Stafford.

I can be found sharing writing tips, creative writing prompts and stuff at Writerly Stuff.

I’m a VA (virtual assistant) for a PLR seller and I also run a toy review site.





When The Serious and The Silly Collide